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Monstera Deliciosa


It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular houseplants out there. Monstera Deliciosa boasts large heart-shaped leaves that split as it grows. It is a hardy plant that looks great in any living space and will bring a beautiful touch to any home.

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Care Details

Sun: Medium

Thrives in an area with a moderate amount of indirect light such as near a shaded window. Should not receive direct sunlight.

Water: Medium

Likes to be kept moderately moist. Water before the soil dries out completely but do not allow the soil to become soaking wet. Can get root rot if watered too often. 

Pet Toxicity: Toxic

Toxic if eaten: can cause vomiting, stomach and mouth irritation

Care Level: Easy

A good plant for beginners and expert plant parents alike. 

Botanical Name

Common names

Monstera Deliciosa

Swiss Cheese Plant

  • Healthy, fully-grown plant potted in premium soil and finished with decorative green moss
  • Waterproof planter
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