Large Purple Orchid

These flowering plants come in a variety of colors and shapes. Our purple orchid features bright petals arranged in a triangular shape with a central petal landing pad for pollinators. Each orchid comes in a white 4″ ceramic pot. Eventually the orchid will defoliate and need to be replaced. It can potentially rebloom if the conditions are favorable.

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Care Details

Thrives in bright areas. These flowering plants prefer 12 to 14 hours of bright light a day. Avoid direct sunlight.

These Blooming Plants Do Not Appreciate Being Over-Watered. When The Soil Is Dry To The Touch, Place An Ice Cube On Top Of The Soil And Allow It To Melt.

Will Not Cause Harm To Pets If Ingested But It Is Still Best To Keep Plants Out Of Reach From Furry Friends.

Bright light and infrequent watering are all an orchid needs to stay happy.

Botanical Name


Common names

Moth Orchid, Purple Orchid

Plant Guarantee

If your plant dies within 30 days, we will replace it for free.

Curbside Pickup

We are happy to provide pickup for orders. Just indicate in the checkout that you would like to pick up and we will notify you when your order is ready!

Order details

  • Healthy, fully-grown plant potted with premium soil and finished with decorative green moss in 4" white pot
  • Plant Care Instructions and Welcome Card
  • Deliveries must be scheduled when someone is home so that the plants are not subjected to harsh weather. After purchase we will contact you within 2 business days to schedule delivery. 
  • Delivery starts at $15 based on zip code. 
  • We also provide curbside pickup options in checkout.

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